CLAIR's Mental Health Support

JET Mental Health Counselling Assistance Programme

With the aim of enhancing mental health support for JET participants, CLAIR offers the JET Mental Health Counselling Assistance Programme. This programme provides a partial subsidy (50%, up to ¥30,000 per year) for counselling costs incurred through consultation with mental health professionals in Japan not covered by health insurance. The coverage period is from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. For further information, please ask your contacting organisation.

JET Online Counselling Service
The JET Online Counselling Service offers two types of counselling services: Web Mail Counselling and Skype Counselling. Both services can be used in either English or Japanese. Web Mail Counselling can be used by accessing the site and registering; an email account and computer/ tablet are required. It can be used at any time or location. If you have a Skype ID, you can receive counselling by appointment using video or audio.
Web Mail Counselling

JET's Web Mail Counselling is done through a website called Kokoro-Soudan.

  • Member registration will be required upon use. Follow the member registration instructions. Passwords can be provided through your Contracting Organization via official JET Online Counselling Service paperwork. You will receive a registration confirmation email once you have registered, so please access the address listed in the e-mail to complete registration.

  • After completing registration and logging in, enter the ID and password to access the Counseling Room. Once you have filled in the required information, submit the details of your inquiry (up to 30 lines of text).

  • After receiving an e-mail about your counselling (within 3 business days), login to view the status and write any further questions you may have from the same window. While you can only have 3 replies on a single thread, you can create a new thread and continue the topic.

Skype Counselling

​​The Skype Counselling service is provided via the website and company Fismec.
  • Please enter the required information and up to 3 sessions you would like on the counselling sign-up form. A counsellor will contact you later via e-mail with the counselling time, date and place of access. You can choose either a 20 or 40 minute session.

  • Connect to Skype at the scheduled time ; a counsellor will be waiting to consult with you.

NB: Please contact Fismec if you are no longer able to make your appointment. Appointments may be rescheduled. In cases of cancellation without any contact in advance, that cancellation will count as a consultation.

If you have further questions, take a look at the official FAQ.