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Prefectures M – Y

*NB: This is all the information we currently have; some prefectures might be missing information. Click over to our 'Contact Us' page if you would like to submit information for your prefecture. All PA information is of their business contact not their personal contact. For email addresses, please replace [at] and any additional spaces with the @ symbol.

Mie 三重県

PA's tel. no.: 059-222-5974

PA Website: https://miepanewsletter.wordpress.com/

AJET Website: https://mieajet.wordpress.com/

Website: https://www.mieguidebook.org/wiki/Main_Page



Miyagi 宮城県

Website: https://miyagijets.wordpress.com/

AJET Website: https://www.miyagi-ajet.org/

Miyazaki 宮崎

Website: https://miyazakiajet.org/

Nagano 長野県

CIR PA's email:  megan-dung-r [at] pref.nagano.lg.jp  ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 026-235-7188

PA's email: vikki-nguyen-r [at] pref.nagano.lg.jp  ||  PA's tel. no.: 026-235-7435

Website: naganojets.wordpress.com

AJET Website: https://naganoajet.wordpress.com/

Nagasaki 長崎県

PA's email: nagasaki.pa [at] gmail.com  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 095-894-3354

CIR PA's tel. no.: 095-895-2083

Website: nagasakijet.wordpress.com

Nara 奈良県

CIR PA's email: tom.heaton1234 [at] gmail.com  ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 074-227-8477

ALT PA's email: scampeau5 [at] gmail.com  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 074-433-8903

AJET Website: https://naraajet.wordpress.com/

Niigata 新潟県

CIR PA's tel. no.: 025-280-5098 ext: 2129

AJET Website: http://ajetniigata.com/

Oita 大分県

Website: http://oitajets.weebly.com/

Okayama 岡山県

Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/okayamaAJET/

Okinawa 沖縄県

Website: https://okijets.com/

AJET Website: https://okiajet.com/

Osaka 大阪府

AJET Website: https://jetosaka.wordpress.com/author/jetosaka/

Saga 佐賀県

CIR PA's email: hannah-winters [at] pref.saga.lg.jp  ||  PA's tel. no.: 0952-25-7328

Website: https://sagajet.com/

Saitama 埼玉県

Shiga 滋賀県

Website: https://shigajets.weebly.com/

Shimane 島根県

ALT PA's email: shimane.alt.pa [at] gmail.com

ALT PA's tel. no.: 085-222-5412

CIR PA's email: shimanecirpa [at] gmail.com

CIR PA's tel. no.: 085-222-5020

Website: shimaneparesources.wordpress.com

Shizuoka 静岡県

AJET Website: http://shizajet.com/

Tochigi 栃木県

Tokushima 徳島県

PA's email: kokusai2 [at] mail.pref.tokushima.jp

PA's tel. no(s).: 088-656-3303 & 088-621-2092

Website: http://tokushimajet.com/

Tokyo 東京都

Public School PA's email: Jakurin_Koria [at] member.metro.tokyo.jp

Private School PA's email: privatejetpas [at] gmail.com

Website: http://tokyojet.wikia.com/wiki/Tokyo_JET_Wiki

Tottori 鳥取県

Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2364782083/10150784025682084/

Toyama 富山県

PA's email: toyamapa [at] gmail.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 076-444-6164

Website: www.toyamajets.net

Wakayama 和歌山県

PA's email: jacy.garant [at] ajet.net  ||  PA's tel. no.: 073-974-2191

Website: https://wakayamajets.fandom.com/wiki/Wakayama_JET_Wiki

Yamagata ​山形県

ALT PAs' email: bentleyd2017 [at] pref.yamagata.jp  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 023-654-2155

CIR PA's email: telfordn2016 [at] pref.yamagata.jp ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 023-630-2116

Website: http://yamagatajet.wikia.com/

Yamaguchi ​山口県

CIR PA's email: pa.yamaguchi [at] gmail.com  ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 083-933-2347

Yamanashi 山梨県

Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/435902766441961