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Prefectures A – K

*NB: This is all the information we currently have; some prefectures might be missing information. Click over to our 'Contact Us' page if you would like to submit information for your prefecture. All PA information is of their business contact not their personal contact. For email addresses, please replace [at] and any additional spaces with the @ symbol.

Aichi 愛知県

PA's email: aichikencir [at] pref.aichi.lg.jp  ||  PA's tel. no.: 052-954-618

Akita 秋田県

PA's email: chiaojosie [at] gmail.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 018-860-1218

ALT PA's email: pimms.hubbell [at] gmail.com  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 0188-73-7203 ext. 448

Website: www.AkitaJET.com

Aomori 青森県

Website: https://aomorijet.wordpress.com/

Chiba 千葉県

PA's email: chibakenpa [at] gmail.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 043-223-2398

Non-JET PA's email: zpris [at] pref.chiba.lg.jp  ||  Non-JET PA's tel. no.: 043-223-4059

Website: Thousand Leaves: A Wiki for  Chiba JETs & Wisconsin ALTs

Ehime 愛媛県

ALT PA's email: ehimepa [at] gmail.com

Website: www.ehimeajet.com  

Fukui 福井県

ALT PA's email: ken-alt [at] pref.fukui.lg.jp  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 077-620-0667

Website: www.fjet.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137612422983661/?fref=nf

Fukuoka 福岡県

SHS PA's email: fukuokashs [at] gmail.com  ||  SHS PA's tel. no.: 092-643-3905

JHS PA's email: fukuokajhs [at] gmail.com || JHS PA's tel. no.: 092-643-3910

Municipal/CIR PA's email: fukuokapa [at] gmail.com || Municipal/CIR PA's tel. no.: 092-643-3208

Kitakyushu City PA's email: kitakyushupa [at] gmail.com || Kitakyushu City PA's tel. no.: 093-582-2368

Website: www.fukuokajet.com

Fukushima 福島県

PA's email: bbjones_toby_01 [at] pref.fukushima.lg.jp ||  PA's tel. no.: 024-521-7183

Website: https://www.pref.fukushima.lg.jp/sec/16005e/jet-home.html

AJET Website: http://fujet.org/

Gifu 岐阜県

PAs' email: gifupas [at] gmail.com

Municipal & Private PA's tel. no.: 058-272-1111  ||  Public SHS PA's tel. no: 058-271-3450

Website: http://gifujets.weebly.com

Gunma 群馬県

CIR PAs' email: s-delacruz [at] pref.gunma.lg.jp ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 027-226-3394

ALT PAs' email: mikhail.pinyo [at] gmail.com ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 027-226-4618

Website: http://www.gunmajet.net/

Hiroshima 広島県

PAs' email: hiroshima.jet [at] gmail.com  ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 082-513-2359 or 082-541-3888

Website: www.wideislandview.com

Hokkaido 北海道

CIR PA's email: marlaina.mcelheny1 [at] pref.hokkaido.lg.jp

CIR PA's tel. no.: 011-231-4111 (ex. 21-210)

Sapporo City CIR's email: leah.klaas [at] fel.city.sapporo.jp

Sapporo City CIR's tel. no.: 011-211-2032

Website: www.hajet.org

Hyogo 兵庫

PAs' email: hyogo.pa [at] gmail.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 078-230-3267

Website: http://www.hyogoajet.net/

Kōbe City 神戸市

CIR PA's email: nicole_wilder [at] office.city.kobe.lg.jp

PA's email: lance_ferguson [at] office.city.kobe.lg.jp

PAs' tel. no.: 078-322-6547

Website: https://www.kobejet.com/

Ibaraki 茨城県

CIR PAs' email: ibarakijetPA [at] gmail.com  ||  PAs' tel. no.: 029-301-2862

Website: www.pref.ibaraki.jp


Ishikawa 石川県

Website: https://ishikawajet.wordpress.com/


Iwate 岩手県

Kagawa 香川県

Website: http://kagawa.wikidot.com/

Kagoshima 鹿児島県

ALT PA's email: kagoshima.pa [at] gmail.com  ||  ALT PA's tel. no.: 080-3971-8633

Website: https://kagoshimajetprogram.wordpress.com

AJET Website: https://kajetweb.wordpress.com​

Kanagawa 神奈川県

PA's email: jboucree [at] edu-ctr.pref.kanagawa.jp ||  PA's tel. no.: 046-681-1974 ext: 489

PAs' email: laurapollacco [at] gmail.com ||  PA's tel. no.: 046-681-1635

Website: https://kanagawajets.wordpress.com/

Kōchi 高知県

PAs' email: kochikenpa [at] gmail.com

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ajetkochi/home

Kumamoto 熊本県

PAs' email: kumamotopa [at] gmail.com

ALT PA's tel. no.: 096-333-2685  ||  CIR PA's tel. no.: 096-333-2315

Website: www.KumamotoJET.com

Kyōto 京都

PA's email: kyoto.pa [at] gmail.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 080-8537-4999

Municipal PA's email:  maiahallkyoto [at] outlook.com  ||  PA's tel. no.: 070-4427-4714

Kyōto City PA's email:   gakkousidouka [at] edu.city.kyoto.jp 

Kyōto City PA's tel. no. (AM): 075-222-3808  ||  PA's tel. no. (PM): 075-371-2340

Website: http://kyotojets.weebly.com/

Kyoto Wellness – General Psychological Services/Counseling

Telephone: 050-5532-8100

Email: hira0036@umn.edu

Contact Person: Reiko Hirai, Ph.D., L.P. (as of March 2019)