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Social Groups, Clubs and Volunteering 

After arriving in a new country and community, many people use clubs or volunteer organisations to build a social network and make friends. However, this can be very difficult, especially if you are not confident about your Japanese language ability and you don’t know where to look. Here are some of the ways that you can join clubs and volunteering groups while on the JET Programme. 


JET- Related Social Groups and Volunteering Opportunities 

  • There are several social groups for JET participants who share a common interest or hobby. These include a photography club for people who enjoy taking photos, a group called where you can exchange recipes and food recommendations, and even a group dedicated to collectors of Goshuins. For a more comprehensive list of the JET social groups available, click on this link to AJET’s page for special interest and social groups.

  • The AJET website also has some pages specifically for people who are interested in volunteering or doing some type of charity work in Japan. For more information on what volunteering opportunities are available for participants of the JET Programme, check out AJET’s Volunteering and Charity page



  • Sometimes, colleagues can be of great help if you want to join local clubs and societies. They also might know what clubs and societies are out there in the local community, already be involved in something that you’re interested in, or know people who may be able to help you join a club or activity that you want. 


Community Centers and Local Newspapers

  • In some areas, local newspapers or notices are popular places for people to advertise local events, or local clubs or circles. Browsing through local newspapers can be another way for you to find information on events and clubs within your prefecture or local community. 


Culture Schools

  • For people with some degree of Japanese knowledge, there may be culture schools or cultural centers available in the prefecture that you can join. Do note that often, you will need to pay to attend their lessons, and the registration may all be in Japanese. Here is a link for the Culture Group, a culture school that operates around Japan that enables you to participate in activities related to calligraphy, art and music. Again, do note that registration and all the information on the website are in Japanese. 

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