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The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching

The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) is a volunteer organization of JET Programme participants. AJET serves the JET community by building support networks, organizing helpful information, and offering resources to enhance the lives of the Programme participants in Japan and abroad. It maintains a peer support service (AJET PSG) and an online magazine (Connect Magazine), and it voices the opinions and concerns of JETs to CLAIR and the Japanese government ministries that manage the JET Programme.

Check out their website, 'like' them on Facebook, and read well-written articles in Connect Magazine:

If you don't already have AJET's iConnect app on your smartphone, click here for a link to the app on AJET's website! You will find instructions on downloading iConnect from the American App Store and Google Play there. The app has valuable information, including emergency contact numbers, helpful Japanese phrases, subway and train maps, clothing conversion charts, and more.

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